Acreage Development

Bear Excavating provides a full acreage development service. Please contact us so we can go over your site and plans with you.

(403) 371-6606

BBB Acredited Business

H2S Certified

Alberta Certified Septic System Installer

COR Workplace Safety Certificate of Recognition / Avetta member

We can provide the following services for the development of your property:

  • Excavation of the site to allow the footings to be laid for your home and any out buildings
  • Digging trenches for the utilities - for laying out pipes and other materials for water, sewer and electrical equipment
  • We are certified Alberta septic system installers and can fully handle the installation of your septic system.
  • Pad preparation for any garages or other out buildings
  • Preparation for any paving and landscaping
  • Road development
  • Landscaping and construction clean-up service

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