Septic System Design and Installation

All septic systems are designed specifically for your property and unique soil conditions. We use only quality septic tank suppliers and field componentry to ensure your system lasts!

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Alberta Certified Septic System Installer

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Septic system installaion
A Septic System Installation

A certified installer

Bear Excavating is a certified Alberta Septic System installer. We have the knowledge and training to complete your septic system to specification; ensuring a quality installation with minimal impact to the environment. We are able to provide excavation services only or the complete installation of the system. We take care of all of the permitting required.

Custom septic system design

Due to new Alberta regulations, the septic system itself needs to be designed by a certified designer. Bear Excavating works with a group of professionals that we're confident will deliver a quality solution for your property. We will put you in touch with a designer local to your area to go over your specific needs. Once you have a set of plans outlining the ideal system for your site, needs and specific soil conditions, we can provide the full installation of your system. The combination of quality design and installation will ensure all inspections are passed and that you're left with a system that will provide you with years of reliable service.

Septic systems repairs and replacements

Please contact us if you feel you have any issues with your existing septic tank or system. We are more than happy to come out and meet with you to inspect the performance of your system. Depending on the issue, we can recommend/perform system maintenance, repairs or replacements.

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